Stagetracker FX 8, 32×32 Matrix

Stagetracker FX is the award-winning performer tracking and audio localisation system that has brought a new dimension to the world of theatre sound.

With the introduction of the V4 Tracking Engine software, Stagetracker FX revolutionises this technology, taking it out of the hands of specialists and making it viable for use by sound technicians and touring productions everywhere.

Ever since theatres began using amplification on live productions, the goal of many leading sound designers has been to recreate the natural sound of performers speaking or singing directly from the stage.

Using conventional sound systems, the voices of actors do not appear to originate from the performers themselves, but from a detached place above or beside the stage. With many performers on stage at the same time, it is often difficult to tell which actor is actually speaking.

Stagetracker FX overcomes these problems, utilising sophisticated hardware and software to track the positions of performers on stage and applying these positions to their microphone signals, automatically and in real time.
The result is that the voices of the actors actually follow them as they move around the stage!Until now, the setup of tracking and positioning systems has often been a long and difficult procedure. Creating localised audio has demanded complex calculations, sometimes taking days to complete and often resulting in unnatural sounding audio.The new Stagetracker FX V4 Tracking Engine changes everything, putting the user in control and allowing them to decide how simple or complex the audio setup should be. Once the audio configuration is decided, V4 can even create the audio setup – completely automatically!
Complex calculations are now a thing of the past. Using V4 Automatic Mode, a few simple distance values are all that is required in order to achieve amazing audio localisation.Tracking system setup has also been automated in V4 and audio now follows the performers how you would expect it to – smoothly and naturally, with none of the annoying sudden audio zone shifts which plague other localisation systems.


A new, streamlined user interface presents the sound engineer with familiar terms and functions and introduces powerful new tools which open a new world of possibilities in localisation and audience coverage.

Sophisticated performer tracking and audio localization is now achievable quickly and easily by any audio technician, allowing them to bring a completely new, exciting audio experience to the audience.

StageTracker16Stagetracker FX 16 Hardware
Stagetracker FX is now integrated with QLab. The same advanced tracking and localisation options which Stagetracker FX brings to performers’ microphones are also available for sound effects via the QLab integration.

Used in conjunction with a surround sound speaker configuration, Stagetracker FX makes it possible to position or move sound effects and the voices of performers anywhere in the theatre for a true 3D, immersive audio experience.


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