Audix M70

The M70 is an innovative flush mount condenser microphone designed for distance miking. Features include a fully integrated preamp, an extremely high sensitivity rating of 38 millivolts and a small footprint of only 3 inches in diameter. The M70 applications include video conferencing, distance learning, hospital rooms, surveillance and ambient room miking. The M70 offers a flush mount solution, easy installation and allows the microphone to completely disappear from view without sacrificing sound quality.
The M70 capsule is housed within a patented cradle that enables the microphone to be aimed and focused up to an angle of 45 degrees towards the sound source. In addition, the M70 has complete immunity from RF interference caused by cell phones and GSM devices.
The M70 terminates in a terminal block connector and is easy to install, requiring just a 2 inch hole to be drilled with no additional tools. The M70 comes in stock white and is also available in a satin nickel finish.

M70W –  White finish
M70N  –  Satin Nickel finish

Cable – 1′ integrated mic cable terminating with a 3-pin terminal block connector (CONN170F).
Connector – The mating 3-pin terminal block connector (CONN170M) is also provided for easy solderless connection.
JBM70 – UL Rated, Metal Plenum Junction Box with 1.56 mm / .063 in seismic & fire cable restraint.

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