Audix D2

The D2 is used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. It is designed with a hypercardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control and is equipped with a VLM™ diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction.

The D2 is an excellent choice for miking instruments with a percussive nature such as rack toms, congas, saxophones, guitar cabinets and brass.  Transformer less design, low impedance and balanced output insure that the D2 will perform interference-free.

DCLIP – Heavy-duty nylon molded snap on clip
P1 – Carrying pouch

DFLEX – Dual pivot rim mounted clip with extra wide butterfly jaws
DVICE – Flexible mini-gooseneck with spring loaded rim mount clamp
DCLAMP – Flexible mini-gooseneck with drum tension lug mount
CBL20 – 20′ premium XLR-XLR balanced mic cable
CBLDR25 – 25′ premium right angle XLR-XLR balanced mic cable
STANDKD – Short pedestal stand with telescoping boom arm
CABGRABBER – Tension fit microphone holder
CABGRABBERXL – Tension fit microphone holder
TRIPOD – Metal tripod desktop stand


– Rack toms, congas, floor toms
– Guitar and bass cabinets
– Saxophone, brass

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