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Audix ATS1

The ATS1, ATS1LX and ATS1LP are the industry’s only programmable, shock absorbent table stands with an LED indicator that does not require external power supplies, eliminating the added expense and complication associated with installation and wiring. The LED indicator and audio switching circuitry operate on the same phantom power source supplied to the microphone. The result is simplified installation and reliable operation. The base has programmable functions that are changed with a simple, intuitive dip switch which can be set to operate in Toggle On, Toggle Off, Momentary Talk and Momentary Mute modes. Also supplied within the base is a Low Cut Filter offering additional protection from bass frequencies that may cause rumble or hum. The ATS1LX and ATS1LP can be further programmed to operate seamlessly with automated teleconferencing and switch systems in external logic control mode.

The ATS is manufactured with a precision die cast zinc alloy base, durable black E-coat finish, LED indicators and a noise free mechanical switch.
Model Variations:
ATS10  – Table stand with latching on/off switch
ATS1 – Heavy-duty shock absorbent table stand with XLR connector, programmable switch (on/off, talk/mute) and choice of two connector versions:
– ATS1LP  – 5-pin terminal connector located inside the base
– ATS1LX  – 5-pin XLR output connector located at the back of the base
ADX Series  – ADX12, ADX18
MG Series  – MG12HC, MG15HC, MG18HC
MGN Series  – MGN6, MGN12, MGN29
MicroPod  – MicroPod6, MicroPod6HC, MicroPod12, MicroPod12HC, MicroPod18, MicroPod18HC, MicroPod6S, MicroPod6WS



  • Podium
  • Lectern
  • Video conferences
  • Classrooms
  • Courtrooms
  • Boardrooms
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